renovations in bagnes

Floor coverings - Parquets - Renovations of all types - Sculpture

William Besse skiing - RénovaBagnes

Ski lessons

Come and make the most of William's experience to learn and to correct your faults. By means of a video camera, he'll capture all your imperfections of style or technique during this day-long or more personalised lesson.

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Floor coverings - RénovaBagnes


RénovaBagnes specialises in renovations of all kinds and in laying floor coverings such as parquet et Pergo flooring.

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Sculpture in wood - RénovaBagnes

Chainsaw sculptures

From the cut and thrust of the Ski World Cup to cutting wood, there was just one step that William took in 2003. Once he'd hung up his skis in the loft, the winner of the Lauberhorn in 1994 swapped his jumpsuit and skis for a chainsaw.

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chalet rental in canada

A passion for Canada!

"For me, Canada is also the memory of my first victory in the Ski World Cup. And the first has a special taste! I loved the countryside, the forest, the sense of freedom."

Chalet rental in Canada - RénovaBagnes

A true Canada-phile, and particularly Quebec, Wils has been able to satisfy his devotion to this wonderful country by building his "Canadian home" there.

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